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Can Anyone Buy a House In Sweden?


This is one of the most commonly asked questions. And it’s asked because the modus operandi of many independent countries differ. You can find so many inputs on this by reading Swedish online reviews. There are no restrictions on buying a house in Sweden, regardless of one’s nationality. This is as long as there is an agreement between the buyer and the seller. However, if the buyer is a foreigner, he needs to meet certain requirements, as contained in this article.

Although the truth remains that getting a house in Sweden is relatively more difficult than in many other European countries. For foreigners to qualify to take a loan in Sweden, some requirements must be met.

How To Buy A House In Sweden

The need for the presence of a professional who knows the nitty-gritty of a particular thing can never be overestimated. While you can stroll into the office of a real estate agent and seal a house purchase deal, you must get the service of a property attorney, as some documents would need to be translated if you’re a foreigner. This is one area purchasing a home in Sweden is a tad different.

Here is a step-by-step guide

  • Firstly you need to show your ID card
  • Residence permit
  • Credit history and proof of employment
  • Stream of income and income flow

If all of these requirements are met, the next phase is the Bidding phase. In this phase, you’re saddled with the responsibility of placing a bid as soon as you find a house that appeals to your taste. Here you need to be on top of your game and have good bidding skills.

If that is done and you have an accepted bid, then you can proceed to negotiate an agreement. And while this is ongoing, you can have your personal surveyors around for intensive property inspection.

The real estate agent you’re dealing with should get you some surveyors if you cannot get them by yourself. Legally, he is supposed to work for the benefit of both his employers and you, a customer.

Once the negotiation and surveys are completed, you must sign the papers. This is one of the key areas in the house purchase process where you need the presence of a property attorney. He should help with proper document interpretation of what you’re signing up for.

You’ll then need to make a down payment. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all pattern to a down payment. It varies from seller to seller. It could be a 10 or 20% down payment.


To seal the deal and secure the property finally means making payments in your seller’s banks or to the real estate agent’s office, from whence you would be handed your home key and the property registered in your name. But before this, you must have signed a sale contract. After that, you get verified that the property is officially yours. Buying a house in Sweden isn’t as difficult as people have spoken of.