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Complete Products and Solutions for Adhesive Application


Industries in packaging will have to deal with sophisticated process of making various types of packages. There can be different types of design and sizes of packages. Then, materials for packages also vary, such as the cardboard, paper, and other materials. This needs high level of precision to make sure that the package can be made based on the design and precision is necessary to make sure that each part later can be connected. In order to connect the parts, adhesive application is needed and Robatech becomes right choice of manufacturer to get many kinds of products and solutions for application of adhesives.

Flexible Access to Operate the Adhesive Application Solutions

Each industry has different types of adhesive to use. It can depend on the types of packages and types of materials. Each of them can determine specific type of adhesive that should be used so later the package is durable and each part is connected tightly. It is not big problems for Robatech because it provides many kinds of solutions. Industry has flexible access to choose the products. Moreover, Robatech introduces modular concepts for most of the products. This means that it will be easier when it comes to the process of installation and implementation of those products. With the modular products, each of them can be integrated and the layout can be arranged depending on the situation of the industries.

Various Products for Adhesive Solutions from Robatech

As what is mentioned above, Robatech provides various products and solutions for adhesive application. It is possible to check the products based on the types of adhesives. Industry can choose hot melt adhesive or cold glue adhesive and there will be suitable products for each type of adhesive. Of course, products are not only limited to those types. There are also solutions for application of silicone liners in different sizes and dimensions. Tear strips and even solutions for folding boxes are available in Robatech.